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As the title of the album suggests, singer and guitarist Hornbuckle's music is exceptionally soulful. With a voice that reminds of superstar John Mayer, Hornbuckle here demonstrates a mastery of lights-down-low slow dance R&B, pouring on the seduction hot and heavy with cuts like "Risin' Sun" and the harmonica-embellished, go-ahead-and-give-me-a-booty-call "Hit Me Up." Hornbuckle's voice is so seductive, in fact, that a gettin' busy listener may not realize at first that the ominously sensual "Candle for Mary" is about the passing of loved ones and the fortitude it takes for the living to carry on. "Back Seat Blues" is a loping blues number that bemoans the sad tales that jump from the daily newscast, "Me and Melody" would be right at home on the pop charts and "Wishin' Well" adds a reggae groove to the mix. Soul Repo is no doubt going to make Hornbuckle the latest blue-eyed soul darling, but he proves here that he's got what it takes for the long run.

Soul Repo CD 2016


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